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Arthenice is the artistic signature of Catherine Nieuwesteeg. I am an imagemaker. Forms and colors have been my tools for as long as I can remember. Like elements of a language I use them to shape the idea that I want to express. Wether it is a logo that represents your identity, or a CD-cover that sells your music, my goal is to create fascinating images that stick to the mind.

Beside my graphic design work, I make colored pencil drawings. Creating vibrant images full of details and colors is what I aim for. Each drawing is like an open window into an extraordinary world in which you would like to get lost.

The creative journey

My graphic design workflow

What fascinates me most in my work as a graphic designer is the process of creation itself: how one idea can be the startingpoint of a creative journey towards a great result that both you and I are thrilled with. Together we follow these steps to make your wishes come to life.



Whether you already know exactly what you want or whether your ideas haven't resulted in a concrete vision yet, we will discuss your needs and wishes together.
What I am interested in, is getting involved in the story behind a project. If you provide me with all the necessary information, I will be able to embark on the journey and create the visuals that serve your project.


After a little research on the visuals that already exist in the corresponding domain, I create a number of different designs that all embody your project, each of them in their own original way.


After we have reflected on the propositions together, you choose the version that you find most appealing.
Whether one design immediately stands out for you, or whether you want to combine the best of two different designs, we discuss how you would like the final version to be perfected.


Following your indications, the version of your choice will now be polished in order to obtain the final product.
It is now ready to tell your story to the world.

art gallery

Art Gallery

Commission a unique drawing

Since my first exhibition in the summer of 2015 in France, people have been wanting to commission a drawing or to start an artistic collaboration with me. Therefor I now work on a commission- and partnership-basis.
You can order a drawing and specify the format and even the theme and colorrange if you have such specific details in mind. If you want to be involved in the process, you can get updates on its progression, come by to see it or let the result be a total surprise.
I am open to collaborations in the fields of concert or theatre decor design, tapistry, textile, and more.

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